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Setting up Timelapse

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  1. Build Timelapse from scratch, or obtain built binary from the main page. Building from source will take at least 10+25 minutes on a fast machine.

  2. Open the WebKit Nightly ...

... from source: execute Tools/Scripts/run-safari

... from binary: open the package and run

  1. In the Menubar, go to "Safari > Preferences..." (Cmd+,). Go to the "Advanced" tab, and check the option "Show Develop in menu bar" if it's not checked already.

  2. Ensure that "Develop > Use WebKit Web Inspector" is not selected.

  3. Open the inspector from "Develop > Show Web Inspector" (Cmd+Opt+I)

  4. A "movie camera" icon should be visible in the top dashboard. Click it to expand the Timelapse overview. See Using Timelapse for instructions on using Timelapse functionality.

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