Radioactive@Home HID driver based on libhidapi (with simple ThingSpeak support)
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Radioactive@Home HID driver based on libhidapi (with simple ThingSpeak support).

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Live ThingSpeak demo

Skierniewice Geiger counter channels is updated using rahhid.

How to build this program?

Install libhidapi-dev (Debian/Ubuntu) or equivalent:

# apt-get update -qq
# apt-get install libhidapi-dev

Compile rahhid with:

# make

Sensor test

Run rahid without any arguments to measure for 30 seconds:

# ./rahhid
Switched LCD backlight off
Switched buzzer off
Reset counters... counting...
Clock: 29930, counts: 8
16.0374 CPM
0.0936765 microSv/h
16.0383 corrected CPM
0.0936815+-0.0331197 microSv/h

Uploading data to ThingSpeak

Supply API key as only argument to upload data to associated channel:

# ./rahhid "TS_API_KEY_HERE"

Use cron to upload data periodically:

# crontab -l
#m  h dom mon dow cmd
*/5 *  *   *   *  /usr/local/bin/rahhid "TS_API_KEY_HERE"

Building for OpenWRT

Download SDK package for your OpenWRT version. Download hidapi package and put into package/hidapi. Install hidapi library and headers into SDK with make command.

Now put Makefile.openwrt into package/rahhid directory and build rahhid with make command.

Install libusb (from OpenWRT repository) on target device with opkg:

# opkg install libusb-1.0

Finally install hidapi_<version>_<arch>.ipk and rahhid_<version>_<arch>.ipk on your OpenWRT device.