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base fork: burin/chaplin
base: b3dc5d3e2f
head fork: burin/chaplin
compare: b69a1ceeba
Commits on Mar 23, 2012
@molily molily Update to jQuery 1.7.2 9de4670
@molily molily Update to Backbone 0.9.2 ed3fe83
@molily molily Improve memory management and event handling cleanup with the new Bac…
…kbone off capabilities

CollectionView: Dispose $fallback property
Model: Dispose _silent and _pending
@molily molily Fix indentation 3c4a136
@molily molily AppView:
Do not show/hide the container but the view itself
Do not route clicks on links if a modifier key was pressed
@molily molily _.extend Subscriber, not _.defaults 586f5f2
@molily molily Added a missing method to Facebook (loginAbort)
It was already used as Pub/Sub handler
@molily molily Commenting 7a49a98
@molily molily Added the SyncMachine which is a more complex state machine for synch…

Deferreds are to simple for many sync actions
@molily molily Fix controller name :-) f257c23
@molily molily Controller: The model/collection property should not be limited to @m…

Use the individual names instead.
Cleanup all controller properties which are disposable (easy, huh?).
@Rendez Rendez Fixes a bug that was causing any collection 'sorting' to start at the…
… wrong index within a view_collection
@molily molily Code style, compile CoffeeScript 247ecab
@molily molily Merge pull request #13 from moviepilot/hotfix-sort-compare
Fixes a bug that was causing any collection 'sorting' to start at the wr...
@molily molily Moved the AUTHORS out of the main README
Removed the old non-markdown AUTHORS
@molily molily Added a changelog 27837af
@molily molily Added Paul Miller to the acknowledgements 16f4d5f
@molily molily Update 7737557
@molily molily Changelog styling (This is not HAML or smth) 4ef9c4e
Commits on Mar 30, 2012
@molily molily Fix an exception due to a reference to a non-existing variable so the…
… intended exception is correctly thrown.
@molily molily Fix an exception due to a reference to a non-existing variable so the…
… intended exception is correctly thrown.
@molily molily Merge branch 'master' into development
Commits on Mar 31, 2012
@molily molily Remove the `shuffle` and `limit` options for `CollectionView#renderAl…
…lItems`. They don’t do what a user might expect. We would need this capability on the CollectionView-level, not only for `renderAllItems`. The current best way to apply a limit is a filter function.
@molily molily Comments, moved the viewsByCid declaration 79f0ded
@molily molily More tests and changes for testability
Move registering routes and starting history to Application
Set Backbone.history in Router constructor, added start/stopHistory methods
Introduce mediator.setRouter which is callable once
Make controllers and views on AppController public for testing introspection
Commits on Apr 01, 2012
@molily molily Service providers: Added Google, added and fixed some comments/docume…
@mdi mdi Fixed updateBodyClasses 4413809
@molily molily Merge pull request #17 from mdi/development
@molily molily Mixin a Subscriber into ApplicationController, added a dispose method.
At the moment it doesn’t make sense to dispose AppController, but eventually
the whole app startup should be reversible. This should also make testing easier.
Fixed a bug when publishing startupController: Correctly pass previousControllerName.
@molily molily Make SessionController (theoretically) disposable ba160d2
@molily molily Make ApplicationView (theoretically) disposable 1a14990
@molily molily Fix loading of modules i.e. fix switching from /likes/1234 to /posts dfa26d3
@molily molily Coding style: use this instead of @ for @[] notation 061d772
@molily molily Make ServiceProvider (theoretically) disposable 9adb7ca
@molily molily Fix a typo in a comment ab36fa9
@molily molily Added debug output to Application#initialize e5773c5
@molily molily Route: Fix event name `matchRoute` in comment 1e0c361
@molily molily Converted specs into CoffeeScript, added more specs especially for Ap…
Commits on Apr 02, 2012
@paulmillr paulmillr Change template syntax. 75f2de6
Commits on Apr 04, 2012
@molily molily Merge pull request #18 from paulmillr/change-template-syntax
Change template syntax
@molily molily Removed disposal of AppController and SessionController again d65b753
@molily molily Comments 1a61148
@molily molily Split mediator in mediator and create_mediator modules
Use getters/setters for both setUser and setRouter
Improve ES5 property descriptor stuff
@molily molily Remove View#preventDefault 4be99f0
@molily molily Use CoffeeScript binding f3beeaf
@molily molily Major spec overhaul:
More loose coupling
More AppController testing
Started testing AppView
Commits on Apr 09, 2012
@cpsubrian cpsubrian Converts container 'append' to a configurable method. 99de682
@molily molily Remove unused function (Revert making core classes disposable) 2a0b170
@molily molily Make the Router behave more like Backbone.Router
- Escape magic characters in the pattern
- Allow to pass a RegExp as param, add matches as params[0], params[1], …
- More testing
@molily molily Added subviews implementation, restructured code, commenting ee991c5
@molily molily Removed a done TODO 88ee696
@molily molily Make Chaplin behave more like a framework.
Moved all core Chaplin classes to coffee/chaplin/
Make Application a class and derive ExampleApplication from that.
SessionController and login stuff is part of the example application.
Create app-specific utils, support and view_helper which delegate
to Chaplin counterparts.
mediator is part of the example application and sealed in ExampleApplication.
Make router and user on mediator configurable.
Moved logout button out of AppView.
@molily molily Fix context of Pub/Sub handlers b89e2e1
@molily molily In Ajax success handlers, check if the collection was already disposed
(we have to find a general solution for that soon)
@molily molily Simplify Subscriber, remove additional handler store e97e278
@molily molily Remove router from the mediator.
Router subscribes to !router:route and !router:changeURL events.
Router mixins Subscriber and gets disposable.
@molily molily AppController: Use params.path for history URL first
This allows setting the URL properly even if the models aren’t loaded yet
and the controller cannot create a full URL yet (with slug and so on)
Improved AppController tests
Commits on Apr 10, 2012
@molily molily Fix non-routable internal links, fix .go-to links, simplify handling …
…of external links
@molily molily Compile with CoffeeScript 1.3.1 774588b
Commits on Apr 11, 2012
@molily molily Revert "Compile with CoffeeScript 1.3.1"
This reverts commit 774588b.