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Automatically generate nested paths in Rails 2.3 according to your application's setup
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Autolink is a small set of monkeypatches to make linking to objects in deeply-namespaced url schemas completely painless. Say you have object @d, which is almost always referred to as /a/b/ This plugin lets you specify that default in @d's model, then simply pass @d to rails' link helpers. So `path_for @d` now returns '/a/1/b/2/c/3/d/4'.


Autolink only works in Rails 2.3, and has only been tested on 2.3.8. Add it as a gem in config/environment.rb:

config.gem 'autolink'

Then add this to your 'spec/spec_helper.rb', under the line that requires 'spec/rails':

require 'autolink/rspec'

Now add this to any models that you want to autolink:

def default_lineage
  [:path, :to, :model, parent, self]

This default lineage works exactly like ActionController's PolymorphicRouting lineage (since that's what it is…).

I make no guarantees that this will work for you.

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