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ActiveSupport mini-extension to allow adding business_days to time objects.
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Holiday support



Business Days is a sort-of extension to ActiveSupport to allow adding business days to time objects.


Add a config.gem line (rails 2.3)

config.gem 'business_days'

Or add it to your Gemfile.

gem 'business_days'


(Time.parse("Friday") + 1.business_day).strftime("%A")
# => "Monday"

(Time.parse("Friday") + 2.business_days).strftime("%A")
# => "Tuesday"

(Time.parse("Saturday") + 1.business_day).strftime("%A")
# => "Tuesday"

(Time.parse("Saturday") + 0.business_days).strftime("%A")
# => "Monday" 

(Time.parse("Friday") - 1.business_day).strftime("%A")
# => "Thursday"


Holidays can be configured by passing in dates:

BusinessDays::Config.holidays = Date.parse("2015-01-01")

You'll probably want to combine this with the holidays gem and put in to an initializer:

# config/initializers/business_days.rb

BusinessDays::Config.holidays = Holidays.between(, 1.year.from_now, :us).map do |holiday|

Current Limitations

  • + 123512.business_days is done iteratively, even though it would be fairly straightforward to add (5/7 * n) + or - some small number based on where in the week you started.

  • saturday or sunday + 0.business_days is Monday. There are strong arguments both ways for making this result either monday or saturday. I think Monday is the more helpful. Write me hatemail if you disagree.

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