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ORB is a tool to write tests interactively.
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What is it?

ORB is a tool to write tests interactively. Add ORB{} to one of your tests, then when you run your test suite, you'll get dropped to a REPL, where you can explore the test's context and build an implementation for the test, before automatically writing it out to the file and replacing the ORB{} call.

Wait... What?

Watch the video (Coming Soon).

I just want to use it with Rspec. How?

Add ORB{} to a pending example, then run your spec suite with -r orb, for example, spec -rorb spec/**/*_spec.rb, or add it to spec_opts.

Can I use this with #{framework}?

Probably. Have a look at lib/orb/adapters/rspec.rb. It's a pretty simple format.

Why do I have to call ORB with an empty block?

Ruby 1.8.6 and onward doesn't have a reliable way to evaluate code in the context that calls a method without explicitly passing it, or grabbing the binding from a block. The block is easier to type.

I have a great idea...

Great! Let me know, or even better, send me a pull request.

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