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default: darwin
all: fmt darwin linux-386 linux-amd64 manpages gem
for i in `find . -name '*.go'` ; do echo "go fmt $$i" ; go fmt $$i; done
cd man; /usr/bin/env rake
gem: fsevents manpages
mkdir -p rubygem/ext/fsevents-wrapper
cp -r examples rubygem
cp build/fsevents-wrapper rubygem/ext/fsevents-wrapper
cd rubygem; /usr/bin/env rake
cd ext/fsevents ; $(MAKE)
mkdir -p build
cp ext/fsevents/build/Release/fsevents-wrapper build
linux-386: goversion
cd go/cmd/zeus; CGO_ENABLED=0 GOOS=linux GOARCH=386 $(MAKE) -o zeus-linux-386
linux-amd64: goversion
cd go/cmd/zeus; CGO_ENABLED=0 GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 $(MAKE) -o zeus-linux-amd64
darwin: goversion fsevents
cd go/cmd/zeus; CGO_ENABLED=0 GOOS=darwin GOARCH=amd64 $(MAKE) -o zeus-darwin
cd go/zeusversion ; /usr/bin/env ruby ./genversion.rb
install: all
gem install rubygem/pkg/*.gem --no-ri --no-rdoc
cd go/cmd/zeus; $(MAKE) clean
cd man; rake clean
cd ext/fsevents ; $(MAKE) clean
cd rubygem ; rake clean
rm -f go/zeusversion/zeusversion.go
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