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Zeus preloads your app so that your normal development tasks such as console, server, generate, and tests are faster.

Mediocre screencast. Better one coming soon.


Because waiting 25 seconds sucks, but waiting 0.4 seconds doesn't.


Pretty specific:

  • OS X 10.7+
  • Ruby 1.9+
  • Backported GC from Ruby 2.0.

You can install the GC-patched ruby from this gist or from RVM.


Install the gem.

gem install zeus

Run the project initializer from the root of your rails application:

zeus init


Start the server:

zeus start

Run some commands:

zeus console
zeus server
zeus testrb -Itest -I. test/unit/omg_test.rb
zeus generate model omg
zeus rake -T
zeus runner omg.rb


Fork, Branch, Pull Request.


  • To Jesse Storimer for spin, part of the inspiration for this project
  • To Samuel Kadolph for doing most of the cross-process pseudoterminal legwork.
  • To Stefan Penner for discussion and various contributions.
  • To Shopify for letting me spend (some of) my days working on this.

Doesn't work for you?

Try these libraries instead:

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