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Zeus Breaks on Long Command Line Input #254

andyl opened this Issue · 7 comments

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I have a test shell that generates an rspec command with a list of _spec files to run. When the command grows beyond 1000 characters or so in length, zeus fails with a command-line parse error.

The workaround is to run rspec with a short Glob pattern instead of a long list of files. But that doesn't work for me, because sometimes the list of _spec files is determined by other factors than the filename, so Glob matching doesn't always work.


Here's some more elaboration on this issue - this is from the RubyMine bug tracker at

Hey Colin, I found that the names of all the spec files in my project together lead to a longer string than the zeus server expects to read from its clients, so that it was chopping off some of the names of the files. I hacked my zeus gem at this line - - to change the number of bytes read (currently 1024) to a bigger value (2**16 worked for me), and that fixed it for me. I've been meaning to put an issue in with burke about it on Github.

@andyl andyl referenced this issue from a commit in andyl/zeus
@andyl andyl Update rubygem/lib/zeus.rb
Fixes Issue #254
@rtlong rtlong referenced this issue from a commit in rtlong/zeus
@rtlong rtlong Increase read buffer, allow more arguments
This is to fix the same problem reported in #254; 
Even with the fix in #255, I'm still seeing this issue. 

I chose 2**16 to match what @andyl did in adc5766d

Just ran into this issue. Seems it was fixed 3 months ago but the gem was not updated?

Added this script to one of our projects as a workaround in case anyone needs something similar:


set -e
gem install zeus -v 0.13.3

# This has been patched upstream but not released
printf "Patching zeus to make it possible to run the entire test suite with zeus... "
cat ~/.gem/gems/zeus-0.13.3/lib/zeus.rb | ruby -e 'puts { |line| line.include?("pid_and_arguments = local.recv(1024)") ? line.sub("1024", "2**16") : line }' > /tmp/a && mv /tmp/a ~/.gem/gems/zeus-0.13.3/lib/zeus.rb
echo "done"
@burke burke closed this in 695a2d5

Is this fix in the darn gem yet? I just bundle updated and it still breaks on a glob pattern that incorporates the test files in our test suite... :)


Still broken for me, using Zeus 0.13.3. Have to manually patch after every install.


try 0.13.4.pre2


@sevos - that did it - at last. 0.13.4.pre2 worked w/o patching. thank you!


after installing pre2, I still get "clienthandler.go:102: write unixgram : message too long" when giving zeus the command

zeus test test/**/api/v2/{**,}/*_test.rb

which matches about 60 test files in our suite

>> Dir.glob("test/**/api/v2/{**,}/*_test.rb").length
#=> 60

I've worked around it in the meantime by just creating a new Rake task with this pattern match.

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