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SilverStripe bootstrap theme based on twitter bootstrap

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SilverStripe Bootstrap Theme (via bootstrap-sass)

This theme makes use of sass to comple all css styles into one styles.css file.



Watch with compass:

cd yoursiverstriperoot
compass watch themes/boostrap

To customise the boostrap variables:

  • copy scss/customisations/_base.scss and make your own changes.
  • update styles.scss to point to your copy

To debug css easier, set output_style to "expanded" in config.rb:

output_style = :expanded

Converting preset styles from less to sass

Some preset color themes have been taken from

These presets can be cound in scss/customisations/bootswatch.

Less to SASS Replacements

The following syntax/functions need to be replaced

@ $
darken shade
spin adjust-hue

Note: sometimes variable ordering also caueses problems. The easiest fix is generally to copy the color being referenced.

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