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A SilverStripe boilerplate theme, running on Bootstrap. Uses less as the css preprocessor via grunt.
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Beautiful BurnBright Bootstrap Boilerplate

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A basic SilverStripe bolilerplate theme, running on Bootstrap. Uses less as the css preprocessor. Uses bower to bring in external libraries, and also contains a collection of internal libraries (see less/lib folder). Pick and choose what you want on a per-project basis.



Install via composer:

composer require burnbright/silverstripe-bootstrap

From within the theme directory, in terminal:

  • Run npm install to install grunt and associated requirements.
  • Run bower install to get all bower packages.

Source maps can be used, as can chrome workspaces.


From within the theme directory, in terminal:

  • Run grunt to start the default watch task.
  • grunt copy will copy fonts to the right directories.

Customising this theme

There are a few approaches you could take to customising this theme:

  • Fork the repo, and make changes. Update composer to point to your fork, or include as a submodule. This keeps the theme code
  • Drop the theme .git folder, and commit the entire theme to your project.
  • Implement changes inside a bootstrap_mysite theme. This approach allows you to later on update the base bootstrap theme seperately. This "subtheme" folder will be fairly light weight, and can be committed to the site repo.

Supporting IE8

Bootstrap 3 somewhat supports IE8 out of the box.

If you are using jQuery, make sure your bower is setup to use jQuery a version < 2. You can either include Respond.js to polyfill media query breakpoints, or you can extract the css of a specific breakpoint and include it using IE conditional tags.

Useful to know is useful for quickly converting CSS to less. You can also install it as a command-line tool:

This theme draws some inspiration from DNA's FrontEnd Boilerplate

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