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PaymentExpress (DPS) SilverStripe payment connector
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Payment Express (DPS)

PxPay hosted payment type.

More information about pxpay can be found here:


Add 'PaymentExpressHostedPayment' to your supported payment types in your _config file, eg:

    'PaymentExpressHostedPayment' => 'Credit Card (via Payment Express)'

Set your payment express user id and pay key with the following lines:


Note: it would be wise to start by using a test account initially.

You can use either cURL (default) or OpenSSL as the protocol for talking to PaymentExpress servers. To set OpenSSL as the protocol, add the following to your _config:


Testing details

Use an amount ending in .76 to generate a declined transaction.

Test Credit Cards:

4111111111111111 - visa
5431111111111111 - mastercard
371111111111114  - amex
4444555566669999 - invalid card type
4999999999999202 - declined, with retry = 1


You may need to rename your DPSHostedPayment table to PaymentExpressHostedPayment.

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