Paypal connector for SilverStripe payment module.
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Paypal Payment Type

Paypal payment type for the SilverStripe payment module.

Testing setup:

You will need a PayPal sandbox account, along with merchant and customer test accounts, which can be set up by following this guide:

How to set up your paypal account:

  • Set up a paypal merchant account
  • Log in
  • Visit 'My Account' > 'Profile' > 'My selling tools'
  • Click API Access 'update' link
  • Click option 2 : 'Request API credentials'
  • Choose 'Request API signature', and click 'Agree and Submit'
  • Enter these details into your mysite/_config.php file with either the set_config_details or set_test_config_details functions

Add the following to your mysite/_config.php, and populate values with the appropriate information from your Paypal account:

  if(Director::isDev() || Director::isTest()){


  • If you get the message "PayPal could not be contacted" , check your debug logs. This will contain debugging information. Note that you need to enable debug logging. You can add debug file logging by adding the following to your _config.php file:
	SS_Log::add_writer(new SS_LogFileWriter(Director::baseFolder().'/errors.log'), SS_Log::ERR);