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Paystation connector for SilverStripe payment module.
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Paystation Hosted Payment

Provides the connection for the Paystation Hosted payment gateway.

Maintainer Contact

  • Jeremy Shipman (Jedateach,
  • Nicolaas Francken (Nicolaas Francken [at]


  • SilverStripe 2.4+
  • Payments

Installation Instructions

Assuming you have set up a paystation account already, and recieved the config details:

  1. Copy into your SilverStripe site directory
  2. Run [yourwebsite]/db/build?flush=all in your browser
  3. Set your _config.php configuration as per the details provided by Paystation:

    PaystationHostedPayment::set_paystation_id('[PAYSTATION_ID]'); PaystationHostedPayment::set_gateway_id('[GATEWAY_ID]');

  4. Optionally put the payment into test mode:


Note that the paystation quicklookup service is ip-limited. Supply your server ip to your account manager to set this up.

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