More advanced tax calcualtions, by region and using tax classes
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Tax Framework for the SilverStripe Shop module

Tax is a fee that a merchant collects from the customer by law for the government. Some governments have different tax rates for different kinds of products


  • Shop module v0.9


  • Put the shop_taxframework folder into your SilverStripe root directory
  • Add the TaxFrameworkModifier to your modifiers config, eg:
  • You need to use the new SteppedCheckout system to allow customers to set their address before tax is calculated. To enable steps add the following to your mysite/_config.php file:

Note that you will also need to update your template to be more like the template, found in shop/templates/Layout/.

If you need some example tax classes and rates to populate your site for testing/development, you can run the task: yoursite.tld/dev/tasks/PopulateTaxClassesTask

Shipping Tax

If the ShippingFramework is installed also, tax will be applied to shipping. The default tax class will be used, unless there exists a tax class named 'shipping'. Using a 'shipping' tax class can enable different tax rates for shipping, or no tax at all.

Further Documentation

See the docs/en folder.