Charge different prices for goods sent to different defined regions.
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Zoned Pricing Module

Allow setting product prices per zone (groups of regions).

Installation Instructions

  • Add module to your site root folder, name it 'shop_zonedpricing'
  • Run yoursite.tld/dev/build?flush=all
  • Add the $SetLocationForm form to your template
  • Set up zones


  • Visit the Zones admin section to create zones
  • Set zoned prices for each product - see the Content > Pricing tab for a product.

If you are just testing/developing, you can run the PopulateZonesTask (visit yoursite.tld/dev/tasks/PopulateZonesTask) to generate some dummy zones, and a product with zone pricing set up.

How it works:

  • Predefine zones, each with multiple region restrictions
  • Get user location information
  • Find and cache matching zones
  • When a product is viewed, it will display lowest price for matching zone prices
  • Zone will update as user goes through checkout, and enters their address

How zone matching works

When the users location is entered, or a default set of zones is needed, a query is constructed to match the entered address information (country/state). This query will join Zones to RegionRestrictions, and filter for only zones where their corresponding region restrictions match the given address details.

Closer matches are favoured, for example: an address for Auckland, New Zealand will first be matched to a zone which specifies Auckland, rather than another zone that targets New Zealand.