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What is Friendshipr?

Friendshipr calculates and displays your friendship ranking. You know how you rank, you know who are your highest ranking friends, you know who has the highest ranking, and you can search for the rankings of people you know.

Your friendshp ranking is the sum of the friendship ranking of your friends on Facebook. Their friendship ranking is in turn the sum of the friendship ranking of their friends, and so on. Thus, the friendship ranking is defined recursively on the graph of friendships on Facebook. This solved, and gives an ranking of all the people who have added this application.

Think of it like Google pagerank, except that it is for the friendships on Facebook. People-rank.

There are thus two ways to increase your friendship ranking - either by befriending people with high ranks; or making sure this application is added to your friends.

Who created Friendshipr?

Friendshipr was created as part of a high school project in 2008 by Sanchit Bareja and Vishnu Prem of NUS High School of Math and Science. The application was created for educational purposes, so the networking information gathered will only be used for educational and research purposes only.