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day 014

mixing extracting dancing and skating humans in video with mask-rcnn with a face detected background


together it might be a bit too much? but I'm getting into the idea of using yourself as input, and I'm starting to put the tools together to do that in a way that makes more sense.

sketch video generated from following commands

first, import image sequence and extract humans using mask_rcnn. I ran through how to do this on my day 012 and 013 sketches.

then, I hooked up a webcam and ran the dlib model to detect faces. that was described in day 010.

the sketch assumes that those directories exist, and that you've checked out the entire daily-sketches repo.

$ python3 sketch-environment.py circleSkate.py 1 -r 600
$ cd imageseq/
$ ffmpeg -r 30 -f image2 -i %*.jpg day15.mp4