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My smarthome controlled via sweet dance moves and plants
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Dance and Plant controlled smarthome

My smarthome controlled via sweet dance moves and plants

Supplies needed for project

Runs on a Logitech C920 webcam, along with a Z-Wave Z-Stick in order to control a Z-Wave switch.

It uses tf-pose-estimation for better performance and easier configuration on the Jetson Nano.

Specifically, to get ~4.5FPS on the Jetson Nano, I'm running:

$ sudo nvpmodel -m 0
$ python3 --model=mobilenet_thin --resize=368x368 --camera=0

The nvpmodel -m 0 sets the Jetson Nano into it's highest performance, most power drawing mode. I recommend having a 5v power supply to run this, along with a jumper to short the part on the Nano to switch from taking in power from USB.



The main benefit of using Z-Wave is that it's completely separate from your home WiFi system. I didn't want to add devices to my home's WiFi, and still wanted to be able to control my lights from anywhere in my house.

Using Z-Wave also means my Jetson Nano doesn't need to be connected to WiFi to work at all. I can plug it in anywhere, and it just works.

No connecting to the cloud required!

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