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+<h1> Essay 4: Contains 1 Errors </h1>
Megan held back the tears of frustration the entire car ride home. She didn't say a single word while her father insisted that her health was the most important thing to consider right now. She knew on some level that he was right, but the stakes were too high for her. To him, it was just a game, but it wasn't just a game she was missing. It was a chance to fulfill a dream she'd had for years, and while missing one game didn't actually mean losing that dream, Megan could not help thinking the worst. She couldn't deny, however, that she felt horrible. She went to her room to <span id="4_1" class="correctme" rel="laid">lay</span> down while her father speed-dialed her doctor. She desperately wanted to play in the soccer match this afternoon, but the pain in her side was just too much to bear. She hoped that perhaps she would feel better in a few hours, well enough, at least, to cheer on her teammates. She hadn't missed a game so far this season, which was impressive considering her frequent illnesses.

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