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pragma solidity ^0.5.0;
contract VoteOption {
VoteProposal creator;
address owner;
address voteOptionAddress;
uint deadline;
string name;
string option;
constructor(uint _deadline, string memory _name, string memory _option) public {
owner = msg.sender;
creator = VoteProposal(msg.sender);
voteOptionAddress = address(this);
deadline = _deadline;
name = _name;
option = _option;
event AnonymousDeposit(address indexed from, uint value, string name, string option);
function () external payable {
emit AnonymousDeposit(msg.sender, msg.value, name, option);
contract VoteProposal {
VoteProposalPool creator;
address owner;
uint deadline;
string name;
string data;
mapping(uint => address) public options;
constructor(uint _deadline, string memory _name, string memory _data) public {
owner = msg.sender;
creator = VoteProposalPool(msg.sender);
deadline = _deadline;
name = _name;
data = _data;
function createOptions(uint _deadline, string calldata _name)
returns (VoteOption newVoteOptionA, VoteOption newVoteOptionB)
VoteOption yes = new VoteOption(_deadline, _name, "yes");
VoteOption no = new VoteOption(_deadline, _name, "no");
options[0] = address(yes);
options[1] = address(no);
return (yes, no);
contract VoteProposalPool {
function newVoteProposal(
string calldata _name,
string calldata _data,
uint64 _deadline
returns (VoteProposal newProposal)
VoteProposal proposal = new VoteProposal(_deadline, _name, _data);
proposal.createOptions(_deadline, _name);
emit newProposalIssued(
return (proposal);
modifier validateDeadline(uint _newDeadline) {
require(_newDeadline > now);
event newProposalIssued(
address issuer,
uint deadline,
string name,
string data,
string optionA,
address optionAaddr,
string optionB,
address optionBaddr);
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