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Add support for Markdown to Atom (including Github flavored, Markdown Extra, CriticMark, YAML/TOML front-matter, and R Markdown), and smart behavior to lists.
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Markdown grammar

A realistic implementation of various Markdown specifications as a flexible, drop-in alternative for language-gfm. Adds smart context-aware behavior to lists, and keyboard shortcuts for inline emphasis and links/images.

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  1. Install language-markdown via either
  • your terminal: apm install language-markdown
  • the Atom GUI: Atom > Settings > Install > Search for language-markdown
  1. Select language-markdown as your Markdown grammar. Open a Markdown file and
  • press ctrl+shift+L and choose "Markdown"
  • choose "Markdown" from the grammar selection interface in the bottom right-hand corner of the window

To avoid conflicts this package tries to disable the core package language-gfm. If you run into any issue, make sure you've selected the correct grammar.

Supported grammars

  • CommonMark Markdown
  • Github Flavored Markdown (including AtomDoc)
  • Markdown Extra
  • CriticMark annotation
  • Front Matter (yaml, toml and json)
  • R Markdown

Additional features

  • Smarter lists
    • Automatically create new list-items when pressing enter
    • Indent or outdent list-items by pressing tab or shift+tab
    • Toggle tasks with cmd+shift+x or ctrl+shift+x
    • Remove empty trailing list-items when pressing enter
  • Add shortcuts (via _, * and ~) for toggling inline-emphasis and strike-through on selected text
  • Add shortcuts for converting selected text to a link (via @) or an image (via !)
  • Supports embedded HTML- and Liquid-tags
  • Embedded math functions (via language-latex and language-mathematica)

Syntax-theme support

By default, most syntax-themes only provide basic styling for .markup classes. This package provides additional, more specific classes which are supported by the following syntax-themes:

If you are interested in adding support for all .markup classes to your syntax-theme, take a look at the relevant section in the contribution guide.


If you run into any issues, consult the F.A.Q. first. Amongst other things, this document contains information about common issues involving:

  • spell-check
  • autocompletion
  • syntax-highlighting
  • whitespace


If you want to contribute to this package, have a look at the contribution guide.

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