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Current Roadmap

APOD Archive Scraper ✔️

Scripts to scrape the NASA APOD Archive and returns a text file with the direct URLs of NASA APOD images

Image Viewing App ✔️

React App that displays images from a list of URLs

Image Morphing/Interpolation Alg

Takes in 2 arbitrary images and smoothly morphs/interpolates between them


Displays the APOD image of the day, then continiously morphs between randomly chosen image from the APOD archive.

Decentralized Images Framework

  • Automated script to upload APOD images to a decentralized database.
  • API to easily interact with and view those APOD images

Web App V3

Arbitrary framework that allows users to strip all metadata from photos and then upload them to a decentralized database, then point a web app to that list to create a visualization that morphs between those images fluidly, then make that visualization viewable via a publically accessible link.

Other Ideas

APOD Archive Organization

Organizing APOD images so that the most similar images are next to each other. This might make it easier for the morphing between them. It might also make the transitions less dramatic. Time will tell.

Progressive Growing of APOD

What if we applied NVIDIA's Progressive Growing of GANs to the APOD archive instead of the celebrity faces dataset?

  • maybe start with something like DCGAN that's less computationally intensive

GANGogh Generated Images

Training on the APOD dataset rather than art

Art on APOD

Neural synthesis and artistic image interpolation into APOD images.

APOD Tensorflow Dataset

Package the APOD Archive dataset for the Tensorflow community to work with

  • would save APOD from having their API hammered
  • would save ML researchers time
  • would create cooler stuff besides chairs and faces
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