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DocuDAO 🦚

Docusaurus + Aragon DAOs

Spoiler alert: this probably won't work.


  • spend a day walking through all the hack.aragon docs/tutorials
  • make sure I know the core components/concepts and can build a basic model
  • incorporate the most simple DAO possible into Docusaurus
  • website homepage is for info <---> DAO page is for doing (standard login flow where if you have an account registered with the DAO it shows you all the stuff, otherwise it asks you to enable your web3 account)


  • first idea that's probably not very good
    • remove onboarding from tps-launcher
    • merge the root directory of tps-launcher with the website directory of docusaurus, putting everything in the tps-launcher src into pages as a folder with all the stuff and App.js as a page
  • I think this might be better

So Extra

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