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This repo contains work-in-progress circuit designs for DIY guitar effect pedals.

I write songs and play guitar for delicious pastries; as our sound has became more effects-driven, I became interested in the underlying technology of analog effects. So I built a few boutique pedals/clones from stompbox kits and PCBs designed by others. I'm now at a point where I want to experiment with my own circuit modifications, designs, and layouts. This is a playground for that.

Verified designs with build docs to date:

  • CYCLOPS (mufflike fuzz)
  • GAIUS (octaver / ring modulator)
  • JANUS (overdrive + distortion)
  • SIREN (PT2399 chorus)

Subfolders contain files for EAGLE schematics and two-sided circuit boards (e.g., for an OSH Park order), and maybe some documentation. The bffx-lbr directory contains the EAGLE library I'm using. I am not making any one-sided layouts, since I don't want to etch my own PCBs (for now). At this point, no designs are verified or even finalized. As time goes on, I will actually build and test these, and documentation will be more complete! :)

I'm naming the pedals after various mythological characters or elements.

© 2016 Burr Settles (LICENSE)