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POH5 Hello World Example

This example demonstrates the use of CDI 1.0 and JAX-RS in JBoss AS 7 using the POH5 architecture. POH5 is basically a smart, HTML5+CSS3+JavaScript front-end using RESTful services on the backend.

The example can be deployed using Maven from the command line or from Eclipse using JBoss Tools.

To set up Maven or JBoss Tools in Eclipse, refer to the Getting Started Guide.

To deploy to JBoss AS 7, start JBoss AS 7, and type mvn package jboss-as:deploy.

The application is deployed to http://localhost:8080/poh5-helloworld

You can test the REST endpoint using the following URL http://localhost:8080/poh5-helloworld/hello/json/David

HelloWorld.java - establishes the RESTful endpoints using JAX-RS Web.xml maps - RESTful endpoints to "/hello" index.html - is a jQuery augmented plain old HTML5 web page