Lightweight file uploader for NodeJS and jQuery with support for drag/drop, basic and custom validators and hooks for all the various events like progress etc
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Examples | Changelog

This is a lightweight library for NodeJS and jQuery, aiming to make uploading files a doddle. With some useful options including basic validation, it is a good choice for any developer who is not so worried about supporting legacy browsers.


  • dependency free
  • file type and size validation
  • support for custom validators
  • hooks for all major events like progress, success, fail etc
  • drag/drop support
  • ability dynamically update the form data packet before each upload
  • upload multiple files as individual requests


npm install lite-uploader --save


<script src="./src/liteuploader.js"></script>

jQuery is supported but optional


Name Type Default Description
script String (required) null the path to the script file that will handle the upload
ref String null The request argument name for the file form data. Will fallback to the name property of the file input field if not supplied.
rules Object {allowedFileTypes: null, maxSize: null} object where you can specify validation rules for the files to be uploaded - current supported rules are:
  • allowedFileTypes (list of comma-separated mime-types, wildcards such as image/* are also supported)
  • maxSize (in bytes)
params Object {} object of params to be sent to the server in addition to the files being uploaded
headers Object {} object of headers to be sent to the server
validators Array [] an array of functions that can take a File and return a validation result on it, see examples for usage
singleFileUploads Boolean false set to true to upload each file of a selection using an individual request
beforeRequest Function Delay the file upload request by returning a promise. Recieves the Files and the FormData. Expected to resolve with the FormData to continue. Reject to stop upload.


Name Parameters Description
lu:errors eventName, errors triggered when errors are found, including built-in and custom validators - see 'Error Types' section for more
lu:start eventName, files triggered before any uploading starts
lu:finish eventName triggered when all uploading has finished
lu:before eventName, files triggered before each request to the server
lu:progress eventName, {percentage, files} triggered whilst uploading files
lu:success eventName, response triggered on a successful request to the server
lu:fail eventName, jqXHR triggered on a failed request to the server
lu:cancelled eventName triggered on upload abort

Error Types

Below is an overview of the built-in error types that can be returned when validating files

  • type - when file mime type does not match any mime types supplied in the rule.allowedFileTypes option
  • size - when file size is above the size (in bytes) supplied in the rule.maxSize option
  • refRequired - when there is no name attribute on the file input and no 'ref' options is passed to the plugin
  • scriptRequired - when no 'script' option is passed to the plugin

Public API


Starts the upload

Name Type Default Description
files FileList (optional) null a list of files to be uploaded, takes priority over default mechanism if supplied

addParam(key, value)

Allows parameters to be added after plugin instantiation

Name Type Default Description
key String (required) n/a name of parameter to be added
value String (required) n/a value of parameter to be added


Allows the upload to be cancelled, triggers lu:cancelled

Name Type Default Description
No parameters

Browser Support

  • Chrome 45+
  • Firefox 34+
  • Edge 12+
  • Internet Explorer NO (because Promises and Object.assign are used)
  • Safari 9+
  • Opera 32+


Licensed under the MIT License.

View the full license here.