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This plugin is functional and is maturing... Looking to align with the jmxbuilder but it isn't ready yet.

Current Functionality
1. registers with jmx services which are singletons and annotated with:  static expose = ['jmx']
2. provides default object naming {appname}:service=${serviceName},type=service
3. allows for object name override:  static expose = ['jmx:service=Country,type=special']
4. allows for exclusion map: static jmxexpose = ['excludeMethods':'isTransactional,setTransactional,getTransactional,getJmxexpose,setJmxexpose,getExpose,setExpose']
This needs to change to the jmxbuilder way!
5. It checks to see if hibernate is a plugin... if true, then it exposes the hibernate statistics
6. It exposes log4j
7. It exposes the datasource
8. It allows for any spring bean to be exposed through the Config.groovy
grails {
	jmx {
		exportClasses = ['myBeanOne', 'myBeanTwo']
These beans need to have: static expose = ['jmx']
and they have to be registered spring beans.

1. jmxBuilder has a bug... vladimir is fixing it... but there is certain to be a delay in getting it to grails from groovy

TODO list
1. improve declarative way to include or exclude methods and properties... hoping jmxbuilder provides the way
2. provide meta data for exposed elements.  This jmxbuilder definitely provides!
3. by default restrict the sensible defaults... most / all statics for groovy classes, certain datasource properties which make no sense, etc.
4. remove attribute methods from the operations list.  access is through attributes
5. default to read only for getter only and read/write for getter/setter... jmxbuilder doesn't use this default...
6. allow for read/write configuration declaratively
7. go through the most popular plugins and see what can be exposed... jms, security, etc.
8. documentation and blogging
9. expose jetty if present
10. error handling: need to check for malformed objectnames and fall back to standard service name... what to do if standard naming is taken? at least fail gracefully
11. onChange and onConfigChange events... need to handle.  might need to check for plugin changes
12. there is an error when view the database mbean... need to fix
	Jun 3, 2009 2:02:27 PM RequiredModelMBean getAttributes(String[])
	SEVERE: Failed to get "LoginTimeout": RuntimeException thrown in RequiredModelMBean while trying to invoke operation getLoginTimeout
13. add a grails command to add mbean to config file ?
14. default utility type is utility... hmmm...
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