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Quiz Plugin for Robut

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A Plugin for Robut that allows you to ask questions and collect the results from all participants within the chatroom.


Polar Question (Yes/No)

   user_a  > @robut ask 'Do you want to go to the bar at 4:30?' for 5 minutes.
   robut   > @user I have enqueued your question
   robut   > @all Question: 'Do you want to go to the bar at 4:30?'
   user_a  > @robut answer YES
   user_b  > @robut answer yes
   user_c  > @robut answer n
   robut   > @all The results are in for 'Do you want to go to the bar at 4:30?:'
             2 YES votes and 1 NO vote


Install the gem

gem install robut-quiz

Add the plugin to your Chatfile

require 'robut_quiz'

Robut::Plugin.plugins << Robut::Plugin::Quiz
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