Configuratio objects instead of arrays. Check the to learn about the benefits.
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Object Config for CakePHP

Objects!? Why not arrays?

You should use objects instead of arrays because:

  • An array can't be type checked if it really is the intended config
  • It is easy to have typos in config arrays
  • The configuration is separated from the class unlike when using InstanceConfigTrait
  • Optional bonus: An array doesn't bring easy validation of config data with it

So instead of doing something like

class Foo(array $config);

do this

class Foo(FooConfig $config);

How to use it

Create your configuration object:

use Burzum\ObjectConfig\Config;

class FooConfig extends Config {

	protected $_defaultConfig = [
		// Set your default values here

	/* Your setter / getter methods go here */

Then just use it:

$config = new FooConfig();

class Foo {

	protected $config;

	public function __construct(FooConfig $config)
		$this->config = $config;

$foo = new Foo($config);

Migrating arrays to objects

For a soft migration path you can still do this:

class Foo {

	protected $config;

	public function __construct(array $config = [])
		$this->config = FooConfig::createFromArray($config);

Array access

The Config class implements \ArrayAccess. So even when you change the signature of a method to require a specific type of object, your underlying code can still access the config like an array:

$config = new Config();
$config['arrayaccess'] = 'value';

echo $config['arrayaccess'];

Or you can simply get the whole config as array by calling:

$configArray = $config->toArray();


Copyright 2013 - 2017 Florian Krämer

Licensed under the MIT License. Redistributions of the source code included in this repository must retain the copyright notice found in each file.