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The dbus-broker service should run in the session slice when running as
a user service.


> The purpose of this grouping is to assign different priorities to the
> applications. This could e.g. mean reserving memory to session
> processes, preferentially killing background tasks in out-of-memory
> situations or assigning different memory/CPU/IO priorities to ensure
> that the session runs smoothly under load.

And from man:systemd.special(7):

> session.slice
>  All essential services and applications required for the session
>  should use this slice. These are services that either cannot be
>  restarted easily or where latency issues may affect the interactivity
>  of the system and applications. This includes the display server,
>  screen readers and other services such as DBus or XDG portals. Such
>  services should be configured to be part of this slice by adding
>  Slice=session.slice to their unit files.  # Please enter the commit
>  message for your changes. Lines starting

Note that the DBus service itself is explicitly mentioned here. This
should reduce the priority of the portals when it comes to freeing up
resources. Having the broker get killed by the OOM or alike can
negatively affect the stability the desktop session.


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dbus-broker - Linux D-Bus Message Broker

The dbus-broker project is an implementation of a message bus as defined by the D-Bus specification. Its aim is to provide high performance and reliability, while keeping compatibility to the D-Bus reference implementation. It is exclusively written for Linux systems, and makes use of many modern features provided by recent linux kernel releases.




  Cloning over ssh:
  Cloning over https:




The requirements for dbus-broker are:

  Linux kernel >= 4.17
  glibc >= 2.16
  libaudit >= 3.0             (optional)
  libselinux >= 3.2           (optional)

Additionally, the compatibility launcher requires:

  systemd >= 230
  expat >= 2.2

At build-time, the following software is required:

  meson >= 0.44
  pkg-config >= 0.29
  python-docutils >= 0.13
  linux-api-headers >= 4.13
  dbus >= 1.10                (optional: only for tests)


The meson build-system is used for dbus-broker. Contact upstream documentation for detailed help. In most situations the following commands are sufficient to build and install dbus-broker from source:

  $ mkdir build
  $ cd build
  $ meson setup . ..
  $ ninja
  $ ninja test
  $ ninja install

For custom configuration options see meson_options.txt.


Apache Software License 2.0 See AUTHORS for details.