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Linux D-Bus Message Broker
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dbus-broker - Linux D-Bus Message Broker

The dbus-broker project is an implementation of a message bus as defined by the D-Bus specification. Its aim is to provide high performance and reliability, while keeping compatibility to the D-Bus reference implementation. It is exclusively written for Linux systems, and makes use of many modern features provided by recent linux kernel releases.




  Cloning over ssh:
  Cloning over https:




The requirements for dbus-broker are:

  Linux kernel >= 4.14        (>=4.10 works, but lacks important
                               security-related AF_UNIX patches)
  glibc >= 2.16
  libaudit >= 2.7             (optional)
  libselinux >= 2.5           (optional)

Additionally, the compatibility launcher requires:

  systemd >= 230
  expat >= 2.2

At build-time, the following software is required:

  meson >= 0.44
  pkg-config >= 0.29
  python-docutils >= 0.13
  linux-api-headers >= 4.13
  dbus >= 1.10                (optional: only for tests)


The meson build-system is used for dbus-broker. Contact upstream documentation for detailed help. In most situations the following commands are sufficient to build and install dbus-broker from source:

  $ mkdir build
  $ cd build
  $ meson setup . ..
  $ ninja
  $ ninja test
  $ ninja install

For custom configuration options see meson_options.txt.


Apache Software License 2.0 See AUTHORS for details.

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