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SJ (Seongjun) Kim


Egnyte - SDE III (Full time - Remote / Jan 2021 - Present)

  • Developed Go based cloud services to interact with several types of clients and 3rd party cloud infrastructure platforms. Analyzed and enhanced the performance by using various tools like debugger and profiler.
  • Led the BDD (Behavior Driven Development) culture in the team to improve the cross functional collaborations.

HP Inc. - SDE II (Contract - Remote / May 2019 - Jan 2021)

  • Worked as a software developer in the Retails solution team.
  • Developed Go/Docker based services and Flutter (with MVVM and BLoC) based Android/Web apps for integrated customer services of retail stores. Utilized several protocols (REST, Websocket, MQTT, ZMQ, and gRPC) for massive but precise data transfer between job sites and cloud to collect data.
  • Used containerization tools to design clean architecture of microservices and distributed it to cloud services. Led the TDD culture in the team for high quality source code of the actual services.

Legrand-Wattstopper - SDE II (Full time - Carlsbad, CA / June 2016 - May 2019)

  • Developed Go based high performance system automation projects for services (REST/WebSocket) and internal tools with Electron (html, css, and js) based desktop GUI for customers. Debugged/tested/deployed/documented software (+APIs) by using Delve, Postman, Docker, and Swagger/Swaggo.
  • Developed STM32 and nRF52 based real time projects by using C. Worked on board bringing up for RTOS and BLE projects. Refined the protocols between the high and low level systems as JSON to boost the communication efficiency.

ABOV Semicon - SDE I (Full time - Seoul, Korea / Apr 2011 - Apr 2014)

  • Developed ABOV’s MCU based software by using C for automotive and digital appliance products. Designed digital circuits with 8 bit and 32 bit MCU system.
  • Developed Python based digital sensor test system that reduced the testing time of new digital ambient light sensor series from months to hours.


Master’s Degree, Electrical Computer Engineering

  • California State University, Los Angeles (CA / Sep 2014 - Feb 2016)
  • Thesis: Parallel Processing of an Epipolar Geometry Algorithm on an FPGA Fabric Using OpenCL.
  • GPA: 3.8

Bachelor’s Degree, Electrical Engineering

  • Seoul National University of Science and Technology (Seoul, Korea / Mar 2006 - Feb 2010)
  • Lab Activity: Project Integration Using ARM Based Linux System and AVR Microcontrollers for Industrial Applications.

C# Online Courses

  • University of California San Diego (CA / Dec 2017 - Dec 2018)
  • Learned several topics from the basic syntax to the usage of

Free/Open Source Software Projects

Golang + VSCODE Development Environment Setup

Matrix2 - a toy project for Sense Hat with Go/Flutter app

Zephyr RTOS Development in Linux


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