Flower running on Heroku
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Celery Flower monitoring for Heroku

Flower is a handy tool for monitoring Celery processes. As it's build on top of Tornado web server it needs it's own outside facing port and can't be run as part of your regular Heroku app which only provides one web process type. Luckily Flower is really easy to install as another app and can be run free of charge on Heroku.

This project template/guide helps you to bootstrap the process and creates a simple app for running Flower.

Clone the repo:

git clone https://github.com/busbud/celery-flower-heroku.git

Create a Heroku app:

heroku create APP_NAME

Configure the app by providing your broker url (RabbitMQ, Redis, what have you) and the Google OpenID auth email domain for logging into Flower:

heroku config:set BROKER_URL=redis://...
heroku config:set FLOWER_EMAIL_DOMAIN=".*@yourdomain\.com$"

Push to heroku:

git push heroku master

Now visit the app. It will ask you to login in using your Google OpenID. You can also setup other auth options.