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Busbud Quality Assurance Coding Challenge
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QA Coding Challenge

Find three (major or minor) issues on and write the automated regression tests that reproduce the failure across one or more browsers.

Functional requirements

  • Tests are run on the command line using npm test
  • Tests are run against a configurable host, with as the default
  • Tests can be configured to run various browser and OS combinations, at a minimum the following should be included
    • Any of Chrome latest, Firefox latest, or Safari latest on Mac OS
  • Testing service credentials are passed as environment variables

Non-functional requirements


  • Tests run against a testing service (SauceLabs, BrowserStack or similar)
  • Tests run against mobile browsers
  • Tests capture screenshots of failures

What we're looking for

  1. Interesting or impactful issues
  2. Using high-quality existing libraries or small amounts of custom code
  3. Showing your work through your commit history
  4. Polish
  5. Pride in craftsmanship


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