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Plugins for Bohemian Coding Sketch

Export Selection as Objc view

This plugin takes the current selection and exports an Objective-C view from it. It creates shape layers to represent the same graphics as in Sketch. Also supports animations.

What works

  • Opacity
  • First solid color fill
  • First border solid color
  • First drop shadow (Except spread)
  • Shapes
  • Animate shape, fill color, layer opacity, shadow color, shadow blur radius, shadow position, border width, border color


  • When animating, the layer is not scaled to the view size (in works)
  • Gradients are not working (Might in the future)
  • Doesn't animate layer position
  • All layer names must be unique

Duplicate to All Artboards

This plugin takes the selected layers and makes a copy for each artboard in the page, scaling them in the process:

Duplicate to artboards example video

The selected layers have to be inside an artboard.

Golden Ratio

Make a bigger or smaller copy of the selection using the golden ratio. Here's an example of using it to recreate the iCloud icon (I know it's not correct, it's just a quick example):

Golden Ratio collection example video


  1. Download the ZIP file with the plugin
  2. Copy the contents of the ZIP to the Plugins Folder (You can get access to that folder by opening the Plugins menu, choosing Custom Script... and then clicking in the gear icon and choosing Open Plugins Folder). You don't need to copy the images folder, the nor the LICENSE files.


Select 1 or more layers inside an artboard, then open the Plugins menu and choose 'Duplicate to All Artboards'


Plugins for Bohemian Coding Sketch




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