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Releases: buschmais/extended-objects

eXtended Objects 0.4.0

23 Jun 21:45
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This release mainly provides some clean up of interfaces on the SPI level and performance improvements.

#118 reduced memory consumption during transactions
#98 support for multiple query engines, e.g. Cypher and Lucene for the Neo4j datastore
#89 added example API for find and create operations using multiple attributes, support for Java 8 lambda expressions (using classifier "java8" in artifact dependencies)
#81 SPI cleanup
#60 added @transient annotation for properties

For details refer to the core documentation and the Neo4j datastore .

eXtended Objects 0.3.0

10 Apr 19:46
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  • #51 The project has been renamed from "Composite Data Objects" to "eXtended Objects"
  • #93 CompositeObject and XOManager now provide getId() methods
  • #94 A datastore provider is now available which allows tracing/monitoring of the SPI communcation between the XO object layer and the datastore
  • #95 Common test functionality has been moved to the xo.test module for re-use

Furthermore performance optimizations for transaction and interceptor management have been applied which noteably reduce overhead.