Openstreetmap derived Reports and Shapefilegeneration about global administrative Boundaries
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Reports and shapefile generation for OSM derived global administrative boundaries.

Step 1: Install prerequisites
postgresql, postgis, java, osmosis, gdal, ant, git

Step 2: Initialize Postgresql
Adjust scripts/ to your needs
Execute - probably you need it to run with the pgsql db user

Step 3: Build Java Sources
cd src and then run ant

Step 4: Edit config.cfg
I have gatherd all parameters further used in one central config file.
All further scripts will use that file

Step 5: Init Tree World
To create DB tables and functions you need to run these commands:

psql -d osm osm -f sql/inittreeworld.sql
psql -d osm osm -f sql/createtree.sql
psql -d osm osm -f sql/iso3166-1.sql
psql -d osm osm -f sql/iso3166-2.sql

Step 6: Import OSM Boundary Data to Postgres with osmosis
fetch planet (pbf) and adjust scripts/ to your needs
ATTENTION: The script will truncate your DB before importing!

Step 7: Generate Polygons
run scripts/
With this script all polygons and parent/child connections will be renderd

Step 8: Generate Website
run scripts/

Step 9: Generate Shapefiles
run scripts/