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A set of Actionscript 3 components targeting the Flash Player on mobile devices
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Update for invalidation queue on rendering controls in life-cycle. Re…

…ndering intensive operations based on property value changes have been pushed to queue for ENTER_FRAME on life-cycle. To invalidate a control immediately, call draw(). Otherwise, properties are updated next fram refresh and invalidation queue is emptied.
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See the accompanying LICENSE file.


To view a quick example of the componenets in as3flobile, point your Flash-enabled browser on most popular mobile devices to:

as3flobile is a set of ActionScript 3 components targeting the Flash Player on Mobile Devices, whether it be embedded in the browser or in an Adobe AIR application. There is also an extension project for as3flobile (as3flobile-air) that utilizes functionality available from the AIR SDK, such as TouchEvent.

as3flobile aims to provide a set of components that function within the paradigm of a mobile user interface where a mouse and keyboard are not the primary source of interaction.

Visit the main wiki page for a full explanation and a list of the available controls.


The as3flobile library depends on the following libraries in order to compile:


The as3flobile library is built against the as3signals library. as3flobile uses Signals from as3signals in replacement of events and interface delegates. Read more about as3signals.

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