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An extension library of as3flobile to provide skins targeting the Android platform.
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See the accompanying LICENSE file.


as3flobile-android is an extension library built against the as3flobile library to provide the look-and-feel of controls targeting the Android platform. Along with graphics and skins, included are a handful of convenience extensions (such as AndroidScrollList) that handle wiring up the skins and graphic properties. These convenience extensions can be instantiated and used just like there extended counterparts.


The following libraries are required to compile the as3flobile-android library project:


as3flobile is a set of ActionScript 3 components targeting the Flash Player on Mobile Devices, whether it be embedded in the browser or in an Adobe AIR application.

as3flobile aims to provide a set of components that function within the paradigm of a mobile user interface where a mouse and keyboard are not the primary source of interaction.

Visit the main wiki page for a full explanation and a list of the available controls.

To view a quick example of the components in as3flobile, point your Flash-enabled browser on most popular mobile devices to:

Library SWCs

The as3flobile-android project generates library SWCs into two output bins:


The standalone bin contains the library SWC that can be added to the library of a project without the need of having the dependant as3flobile and as3-signals libraries. The standalone as3flobile-android swc, compiles in the as3flobile standalone library and the bits used from as3-signals. As such, the file size for the standalone SWC is higher than the external library, as it has dependencies compiled in. If you are not worried about file size and/or you do not want to manage dependencies in your project library, use the standalone SWC or SWF.


The external bin contains the library SWC that is compiled against dependant SWC libraries: as3flobile and as3-signals. Included in the external SWC are only the source files from the as3flobile-android library. As such, the file size for the external SWC is lower than the standalone yet it is necessary to include the dependant libraries (as3flobile and as3-signals) within your project. If you are worried about file size and/or are fine with managing library dependencies, use the external SWC or SWF.



The embedded graphics were graciously cut from a PSD made publicly available by Pavel Macek. The original PSD file can be found here:


as3flobile uses the open-source ScaleBitmap class (with a slight modification) in order to properly scale the embedded graphics. A huge time-saver and a great little utility. Visit to find out more.

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