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My beliefs

On Spirituality

  • Souls don't exist
  • The Gods of organized religion don't exist
  • Intention doesn't create reality (it just changes our perception of it)
  • Astrology isn't real
  • There is no afterlife

On Politics

  • We'll have a President that admits to being atheist or agnostic by 2025

On The Economy

  • Jobs aren't going to come back, they have to be created from scratch

On Science

  • Other dimensions and/or universes exist
  • Micro and macro evolution both work
  • Something existed before the Big Bang (outside of time and space as we know them)
  • Nothing in our universe will never travel faster than light
  • Acupuncture works
  • Magic is either false, or undiscovered science

On Technology

  • Computers will be building better computers than humans by 2050
  • Humans, computers, and Earth will evolve into a super organism by 2100
  • Humans that embrace change (and give up some of their humanity) will survive the Singularity

On The Self

  • Free will is mostly an illusion
  • Altruism is an illusion
  • We can change ourselves, even though we are usually changed by other forces
  • We tell stories in order to make meaning out of everything
  • The human brain can't comprehend the universe completely (or even partially)
  • Consciousness is the result of a feedback loop between our story-making cortex and our subconscious

On Logic

  • Most questions have no answer
  • Logic is a helpful tool, but has flaws

On Aliens & Space Travel

  • Aliens exist
  • Non-carbon-based life forms exist
  • Space travel throughout the universe is probably entirely the domain of robots and cyborgs

On Education

  • Something will replace universities as we currently know them by 2030

On Morality

  • Gay marriage should be legal everywhere
  • Marijuana should be legal
  • Being "good" is in our nature (being evil requires misinformation or partial information)
  • Abortion should be legal
  • Assisted suicide should be legal
  • The death penalty should be used in extreme and certain cases to protect the public
  • Prisons should be about protecting the public, not in punishing the criminal

On Biases

  • We tend to favor the beautiful
  • We tend to see what we expect to see
  • We tend to attribute too much credit to success (and under-credit luck)

On Love

  • The soulmate phenomenon exists


  • Most of my beliefs are either unprovable or wrong


  • What belief do you consider most beneficial to society? most detrimental?
  • Difference between belief and faith
  • Why do humans tell stories