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Browser globals, AMD and Node Events

bane is a small event emitter library that works in browsers (including old and rowdy ones, like IE6) and Node. It will define itself as an AMD module if you want it to (i.e. if there's a define function available).

bane is not entirely API compatible with Node's event emitter, but it does provide the iconic on and emit functions.

Developers - Running tests

npm install
./node_modules/buster/bin/buster-test --node
./node_modules/buster/bin/buster-test --browser

Emitter creation API

var emitter = bane.createEventEmitter([object]);

Create a new event emitter. If an object is passed, it will be modified by adding the event emitter methods (see below).

Emitter API

on(event, listener)

Register the listener function to be called when the emitter emits the event (which is a string).


Register the listener function as a "supervisor". It will be called for any event emitted from the emitter.

off(event, listener)

Remove a previously registered listener function for the specified event (which is a string). If the function has not previously been registered, it is silently ignored.


Remove a previously registered "supervisor" listener function. If the function has not previously been registered, it is silently ignored.


Remove all previously registered listener functions for the specified event (which is a string). If no functions have previously been registered, it is silently ignored.


Remove all previously registered listeners on the object, both regular listeners, supervisor listeners, and errbacks. If no functions have previously been registrered, it is silently ignored.

once(event, listener)

Register a listener function for the given event (which is a string) only once. After the first event has been emitted, the listener is removed.


Register all methods on object as listeners for the event named as the method name. Convenient way to bind many event listeners in one go:

var listener = {
    start: function () {

    end: function () {


The above example will bind listener.start to the "start" event and vice versa with end. Note that property names can be quoted to bind to any kind of event name (e.g. "test:start").

bind(object, events)

Binds methods on object to corresponding events (see bind(object) above), but instead of binding all methods on the object, only binds the events listed in the provided events array.


Register the listener function as an "errback". It will be called with the arguments event and error for any error thrown when listeners are notified.

emit(event[, data1[, data2[, ...]]])

Emit the event (which is a string) with optional data. Will cause all registered listeners for the named event to be called. If additional arguments are provided, the listeners will be called with them.


Two-clause BSD-license, see LICENSE


Browser, AMD and Node Events. Yes, yet another event emitter library.







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