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Loading external sources with the "resources" proxy #126

jkarsrud opened this Issue · 2 comments

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In some cases, you might not want to have a library dependency directly in your project, so you want to load it from a CDN or some other external server.

I tried doing this with the following config, but the script isn't actually loaded, resulting in tests failing because of a missing dependency;

var config = module.exports;

config['Browser tests'] = {
    rootPath: '../',
    env: 'browser',
    resources: [
            path: 'googleapis',
            backend: ''
    sources: [
    tests: [

Do you agree that this is something that Buster should support? I guess it's not a very common use case, as it makes you rely on network in your tests, but it's probably a feature more people than just me will think is great!


Makes sense, we should support this:

config["Tests"] = {
    libs: [""],
    sources: ["src/*.js"],
    tests: ["tests/*-test.js"]

It's trivial to add support for this to resource sets. We alredy implement and default to file:// which is asynchronous, so we'll just need to allow specification of protocol and define behaviour for http://.


August posted a nice workaround at Simply add the following to your config:

    resources: [
        {path: "/", content: "<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><script src='googleapis/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js'>{{scripts}}</head><body></body></html>"}

This worked for me under version 0.6.3 Beta 4.

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