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Clarify "thenable" #330

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The documentation says that asynchronous tests can return a "thenable" but does not provide a code sample. It's not clear how this would work. Please provide some sample code as part of the documentation.


@cjohansen can correct me if I'm wrong, but in this case, a "thenable" means any Promises/A+ compliant promise, such as those of when.js, Q, etc., or a "promise-like" object with a then method that is close enough in behavior to Promises/A+, such as jQuery Deferred.

Buster will detect that a test has returned a promise, and will only consider the test to be done when the promise fulfills or rejects, which (I think) will signify the outcome of the test (pass/fail).

Buster uses when.js internally, so it can handle most anything that resembles a thenable promise. As shown here, you can roll your own simple "promise-like" object for very simple cases. Or you can use a full promise implementation to create a promise and return it.

Hope that helps!


I would recommend linking the word "thenable" to the last link you included.


@cowwoc Good call


Sounds good. @cowwoc where did you find the unlinked "thenable" reference?


Go to and search for "thenable".



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