Various demo applications using Buster.JS. Used for documentation and regression testing.
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Buster.js demos

For the demos with a package.json file in it, run npm install locally and npm test for tests.

Have a look at the package.json to see how the npm test command is setup for buster.js

Hybrid tests and HTML Scaffold tests

  • Run browser tests by opening the html file in your browser.

Buster static tests

  • Run buster-static

Buster server tests

  • Run buster-server on one terminal.
  • Open the given url on your browser.
  • Run buster-test on a separate server.

Buster server tests with phantomjs

  • Install phantomjs
  • Run npm install in the buster-server-tests directory
  • Run buster-server
  • On a separate terminal, run phantomjs node_modules/buster/script/phantom.js &
  • Run buster-test

Follow the same instructions for the AMD example.

Buster server tests with AMD

Both examples for require.js and curl.js are shown using buster-server but can be easily adapted to the other ways of running browser tests.

The file and directory structure is slightly different to show off some of the issues which might arise with path configurations.