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Test-framework agnostic assertion and expectation library
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Referee is in your unit tests, deciding who passes and who fails

referee is a test-framework agnostic assertion and expectation library. Some highlights:

  • Rich library of assertions
  • Symmetric assert/refute (refute is referee's "assert.not*")
  • Evented: Emits success and failure events
  • Failing assertions throw exceptions by default, but can be configured to not
  • API to add custom assertions that provides quite a bit of plumbing for free

Full documentation:

referee works in browsers (including old and rowdy ones, like IE6) and Node. It will define itself as an AMD module if you want it to (i.e. if there's a define function available).

Developers - Running tests

npm install
./node_modules/.bin/buster-test --node
./node_modules/.bin/buster-test --browser


  • assert(actual[, message])
  • assert.same(actual, expected[, message])
  • assert.equals(actual, expected[, message])
  • assert.greater(number, target[, message])
  • assert.less(number, target[, message])
  • assert.defined(actual[, message])
  • assert.isNull(actual[, message])
  • assert.match(obj1, obj2[, message])
  • assert.isObject(actual[, message])
  • assert.isFunction(actual[, message])
  • assert.isTrue(actual[, message])
  • assert.isFalse(actual[, message])
  • assert.isString(actual[, message])
  • assert.isBoolean(actual[, message])
  • assert.isNumber(actual[, message])
  • assert.isNaN(actual[, message])
  • assert.isArray(actual[, message])
  • assert.isArrayLike(actual[, message])
  • assert.exception(fn[, matcher][, message])
  • assert.near(actual, expected, delta[, message])
  • assert.hasPrototype(actual, expected[, message])
  • assert.contains(haystack, needle[, message])
  • assert.tagName(element, tagName[, message])
  • assert.className(element, className[, message])


  • refute(actual[, message])
  • refute.same(actual, expected[, message])
  • refute.equals(actual, expected[, message])
  • refute.greater(number, target[, message])
  • refute.less(number, target[, message])
  • refute.defined(actual[, message])
  • refute.isNull(actual[, message])
  • refute.match(obj1, obj2[, message])
  • refute.isObject(actual[, message])
  • refute.isFunction(actual[, message])
  • refute.isTrue(actual[, message])
  • refute.isFalse(actual[, message])
  • refute.isString(actual[, message])
  • refute.isBoolean(actual[, message])
  • refute.isNumber(actual[, message])
  • refute.isNaN(actual[, message])
  • refute.isArray(actual[, message])
  • refute.isArrayLike(actual[, message])
  • refute.exception(fn[, matcher][, message])
  • refute.near(actual, expected, delta[, message])
  • refute.hasPrototype(actual, expected[, message])
  • refute.contains(haystack, needle[, message])
  • refute.tagName(element, tagName[, message])
  • refute.className(element, className[, message])
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