Render mobiledoc documents in an ember app
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  • Component {{render-mobiledoc}} for rendering mobiledoc in your ember app
  • (For advanced use) The ability to import the mobiledoc-dom-renderer class

To learn more about mobiledoc see mobiledoc-kit.


  • ember install ember-mobiledoc-dom-renderer


Render basic mobiledoc in your template

{{render-mobiledoc mobiledoc=myMobileDoc}}

Render mobiledoc with cards, using ember components to render cards

{{! myMobiledoc is the mobiledoc you want to render }}
{{! myCardNames is an array of card names, e.g. ['embed-card', 'slideshow-card'] }}
{{render-mobiledoc mobiledoc=myMobileDoc cardNames=myCardNames}}

The ember components with names matching the mobiledoc card names will be rendered and passed a payload property. The ember components will be in a wrapper div with the class '__rendered-mobiledoc-card' and '__rendered-mobiledoc-card-${cardName}'.

Customizing card lookup

If your mobiledoc card names do not match component names, you can subclass the render-mobiledoc component and override its cardNameToComponentName method.


// components/my-render-mobiledoc.js
import RenderMobiledoc from 'ember-mobiledoc-dom-renderer/components/render-mobiledoc';
export default RenderMobiledoc.extend({
  cardNameToComponentName(mobiledocCardName) {
    return 'cards/' + mobiledocCardName;

Render mobiledoc with atoms, using ember components to render atoms

This works the same way as rendering mobiledoc with ember components for cards. To pass atom names to the renderer, use the atomNames property, e.g.:

{{! myAtomNames is an array of atom names, e.g. ['mention-atom'] }}
{{render-mobiledoc mobiledoc=myMobileDoc atomNames=myAtomNames}}

To customize atom lookup, extend the render-mobiledoc component and override its atomNameToComponentName method.

Use mobiledoc-dom-renderer directly

This addon provides the mobiledoc-dom-renderer directly. Most of the time you will want to use the {{render-mobiledoc}} component, but if you need to use the renderer directly in code, it can be imported:

import DOMRenderer from 'ember-mobiledoc-dom-renderer';

Release process

To release a new version:

  • Use np (npm install -g np)
  • np <version> (e.g. np 1.0.0)
  • git push <origin> --tags