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Mobiledoc Atoms

Atoms are effectively read-only inline cards.

Atom format

An atom is a JavaScript object with 3 required properties:

  • name [string] - The name of this atom in the mobiledoc
  • type [string] - The output of this atom. Valid values are 'dom', 'html', and 'text'
  • render [function] - Invoked by the renderer to render this atom

Atom rendering

The render function on an atom is called by an instance of a renderer and passed an object with the following four properties:

  • env [object] - A set of environment-specific properties
  • options [object] - Rendering options that were passed to the renderer (as atomOptions) when it was instantiated
  • payload [object] - The data payload for this atom from the mobiledoc
  • value [string] - The textual representation to for this atom

The return value of the render function will be inserted by the renderer into the rendered mobiledoc. The return value can be null if an atom does not have any output. If there is a return value it must be of the correct type (a DOM Node for the dom renderer, a string of html or text for the html or text renderers, respectively).


env always has the following properties:

  • name [string] - the name of the atom
  • onTeardown [function] - The atom can pass a callback function: onTeardown(callbackFn). The callback will be called when the rendered content is torn down.
  • save [function] - Call this function with the arguments (newValue, newPayload) to update the atom's value and payload and rerender it.

Atom Examples

Example dom atom that renders a mention:

export default {
  name: 'mention',
  type: 'dom',
  render({ env, options, value, payload}) {
    return document.createTextNode(`@${value}`);

Example dom atom that registers a teardown callback:

let atom = {
 name: 'atom-with-teardown-callback',
 type: 'dom',
 render({env, options, value, payload}) {
   env.onTeardown(() => {
    console.log('tearing down atom named: ' +;

Example dom atom that uses the save hook:

let atom = {
 name: 'click-counter',
 type: 'dom',
 render({env, value, payload}) {
   let clicks = payload.clicks || 0;
   let button = document.createElement('button');
   button.appendChild(document.createTextNode('Clicks: ' + clicks));

   button.onclick = () => {
     payload.clicks = clicks + 1;, payload); // updates payload.clicks, rerenders button

   return button;