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Might and Magic engine rewrite.
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OpenXeen is a mod for Might and Magic IV & V - World of Xeen (WOX), programmed by duuckman (Dr Warren Creemers). It is a game engine rewrite in java designed to make MaM gaming more available.

News: Back from 6 months hiatus on this project.


Unfortunately, MaM is not abandonware - you (still) need to purchase a copy to play the full version of WOX legally. This mod aims to bundle the shareware version, but I recommend finding a full CD (talkie) version on ebay.

The game mechanics, and engine, are based on things I would have liked to see done differently: - Less save/restore loops for potions/barrels/treasure chests. - Better inventory at stores. - More money in the later part of the game. - Monster respawn. - Bat animation relative to level of danger. - Item stats just printed/explained. - Restrictions on when you can save/load games. - One open map, not divided into regions. - Bigger 3d view window

NB: OpenXeen is programmed in java because I needed a project to "freshen" up my java skills and learn java 8. No other reason.


  • Software is not ready for release.
  • At the moment it can:
    • Parse the cc files and open some graphics and audio files
    • Parse some map info
    • Create proxies of all files in cc files.
    • Display a simple rendering of some xeen components. NB: First run will take some time, proxy files are being created.


  • - So so much work on the MaM file formats
  • Ben - Sharing a passion for reverse engineering xeen
  • Elliot Kroo -
  • Hyllian - xBR algorithm

And a shout-out to the Xeen community on faceook, []. It was great sharing a love of MaM games with you guys.

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