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Welcome to the OpenXeen wiki!

This is general notes for running the game and developing plugins.

NB: This project is very new, and I have limited spare time.
It is not yet playable, Check back around the end of 2016 If you want to see a game

I am in the process of finalising a plugin architecture for openXeen. The game is designed from the ground up to be completely modable. You should be able to make a Mod for anything from a cellphone GUI adaptation; to a complete render engine port. Please look into accomplishing what you want via a MOD, before forking this project. If you can't achieve what Mod wise, contact me; I may be happy to increase the modding capacity of the game.

Getting Started

To setup openXeen to play xeen:

  • Checkout openXeen
  • Copy your xeen files into same folder you put openXeen in.
  • Start as per any other java application

This is a bit complicated for most, it will get better as openXeen develops.

#Code Layout

General Notes

  • The code is designed to allow for for graphics renderer plugins.

    • Al rendering is performed by placing sprites into an ISceneComposition collection.
    • The renderer is then responsible for displaying those sprites.
  • The code is designed to be generic around the concept of a Might and Magic Map.

    • Classes beginning with MaM (eg: MaMSprite) are generic to all "Might and Magic" Games.
    • Classes beginning with WoX (eg: WoXSprite) are specialised implementations for the "World of Xeen" (MaM IV to MaM V) engines.
  • The code separates the concept of a game from the concept of a world.

    • A Game is your characters, gold and items.
    • A world is the place you visit, or more precisely the version of MaM you are currently in.
      • NB: A world brings all your graphics...

Proxy files

For the purposes of moding, the openXeen extracts all data in the original ccFiles to a proxy file.

  • eg, CAVE.SKY becomes dark_cc_proxy\SKY Files\CAVE.SKY.PNG
  • To make a MOD (called MYMOD), create dark_cc_proxy\SKY Files\CAVE.SKY.MYMOD.PNG
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