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Development is done on dev, and pushed to master when dev is stable.


I program my pet projects; differently to how I manage normal software development; thought I should explain so contributors will understand what is going on.

Basically I use a "hack and clean" approach:

  • During the "Hack" - The code starts out poorly documented and does what is needed to work.

    • Its OK to be ugly (permission to hack).
    • Its OK to delete and rebuild if things are heading in the wrong direction.
    • Interface driven development is used to protect the code base from over-coupling to the the hack.
  • During the "clean"

    • A code review is conducted, and things abrought up to a certain standard.
    • Code is documented.
    • This is done circa 1-2 months after the file has not been touched in a while.
    • I do this because the bits I get stuck on re-reading my own code; are the parts most important to have well documented.
    • It also allows me to look at my own software decisions with fresh eyes.
  • A 'clean' file MUST remain clean and of a high standard from that point on.

  • NB: Licence text / code header is normally not inserted until the clean is done. This is a good way to tell if a file is clean.

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